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Current Time: Sun Nov 28th, 2010 01:45pm

Windwalker Farm Covenstead will officially open to the public on Ostara 2011, I would love for members to join and be in place starting in January 2011,  but we will not be closing the membership. Windwalker Farm Covenstead is accepting Teens ( with parents permission if under 18) Families with children of all ages are welcome.

     Windwalker Farm will have the only Pagan Youth Group in the upstate. We will be active in the community as a youth group and one of our main focuses as a coven  will be on our youth and our next generation of pagans, Witches,  Priestesses and Priest. May our history never be on the brink of  extinction again.    

Windwalker Farm Covenstead  is open to all people      f

      Windwalker Farm Covenstead will Be teaching the W.I.T.'s ( Witches in training)  program of  The Three Aspects of the craft. This will be a degree program and if  desired registered and ordained clergy will be awarded, through Universal Life Church. Not everyone who joins will be required to follow through with the degree program but everyone is encouraged and a first degree study program will be offered to each member, this will cover basic information and exercises that we will be using in our rituals and celebrations. 

        The Three Aspects of the Craft  (1) Witcholoy, (2) the Science of the Craft (3) the Arts of the Craft. Classes will be a combination of  each aspect being taught both hands on and in class settings.

     We will go on   field trips and  take part in community events as well as host events on the farm.


We will be studying several different styles of  divination, and meditations.    

      Women will have the opportunity to take Dianic classes in the McFarland tradition. This is a two year program, for serious study.